Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Come on in!

Welcome to Dinner Daily - your solution for week night dinners! Before we start, I thought I might just run through the scheme of things:

- First things first - each weekend (hopefully Saturday morning) I'll post a list of meals that we'll be having from Mon to Fri. This menu will be accompanied by a list of ingredients which shall be sorted into Fresh Produce (i.e. fruit, vegies, dairy and meat), Dry Goods (i.e. tinned tomatoes, tins of beans etc) and Cupboard Staples (which will be things you'd have on hand normally, but might need to stock up on i.e. flour, rice, olive oil etc)

Reading through this list will give you the chance to make any alterations to the menus as you see fit before you hit the supermarket. For example, if Tuesday's meal is listed as Roast Pumpkin Risotto, which you don't fancy making, then you can substitute your own meal there. Then, each recipe will be posted, hopefully with a pic (I always like to see what I'm eating before I cook it!)

- Just so you know, Dinner Daily is a vegetarian site. It's all part of my evil plan to have vegetarians take over the world. Bwahahahahahahahah! (manically rubbing hands together in glee)

- Most of the meals that are featured will feed four people. For my family, this generally means left-overs for lunch - always a good thing! However, occasionally I might post a recipe that seems able to feed eight. Don't think I'm going mad - just put the left overs in the freezer as I instruct you and sit tight. I'll generally ask you in the next week or so to pull it out and use in another dish. Economical, oui?

- Friday's menu usually won't generate any leftovers, just so you know.

- Comments and feedback are always welcome (please keep abuse to a minimum, though... I don't want to be crying into my stockpot).

- Generally, each month I will feature a mostly new dishes, but some old favourites might make the occaisonal cameo appearance.

- Most of the recipes will be on the table within 30ish minutes, however some might require some initial prep i.e. roasting of vegies etc. Don't kill youself over it - if the recipe calls for roasted caps and you just don't think you'll find the time for it, then buy them from the deli. This is meant to be fun and easy - not a competition!

- Always take the time to read through the recipes at your leisure before you begin cooking them, so no nasty surprises pop up at you (like salting eggplant for 1/2 hour etc). Organisation is the key!

- The recipes are seasonally based - that is, using the fruit and vegies that are in season for the current times. Not only is this a better way to eat, but it's generally much cheaper, too.

- For a treat, I might occasionally pop in an easy dessert recipe. I know, you're about to fall over with excitement.

I think that's about it. Above all, have fun, enjoy the new meals and keep the suggestions coming. And if you want to contribute recipes of your own, be my guest!